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How Sia’s “Music” Impacts AAC Users and Other Autistics (Like Us)

The singer Sia’s contentious new film Music follows an autistic girl who uses an AAC device to communicate. Despite Sia claiming her movie is a “love letter to … the autism community” and Music earning two Golden Globes nods, many autistics are calling for the movie to be cancelled. Sia cast her neurotypical protégé Maddie…

Easy, Sensory-Friendly Wonder Woman Costume

My daughter loves Wonder Wonder and super heroes in general. She’s also autistic with ADHD (like me) and has sensory sensitivities. She wanted to go to our small, local ComicCon, so we decided to make a sensory-friendly Wonder Woman costume together as a fun mother-daughter project a few years ago. Having ownership over each step…

You Don’t Look Like You Have ADHD: Women with ADHD

When I first tell someone I have ADHD, they’re often incredulous – “You don’t look like you have ADHD. I would have never guessed!” – despite my textbook ADHD traits. So what does ADHD look like, particularly in women? It looks like me. It looks like my daughter. It looks like my friends and family.…

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